Typewriter Series #3062 | 11.1.20

The Greeks believed we were born with four arms, four legs, a head with two faces. They believed us too powerful, too much for the gods, and so we were split. Zeus with his lightning bolt fear and thunderous awe, split us and set the course of our lives as one of searching, as one of seeking out the pieces that were stolen. Sometimes, we find someone who fits in those negative spaces, fills the gaps in us and shows us, often for the very first time, that we were ever split in the first place. If you’ve found this person, hold tight, if you’ve not, you will, I promise you will. What I ask of you is simple: Do not, in all your searching, forget that you’re whole without them, that you’re born complete, despite what angry gods may have wanted, that if you find this person, wherever they may be, they can only add to what you already are. More than one, you will become, for you were already one alone. Today’s poem is Typewriter Series #3062, and was a custom poem written for someone with a beautiful story, and I was lucky to write it for them. Below, you can hear me read it aloud, while you read it for yourself below that.

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