Typewriter Series #3064 | 11.6.20

I remember a time when I didn’t think it possible to be lonelier than I was. I remember meals eaten in total silence, one place set, one plate with one fork, and I remember forgetting sometimes to even turn on the light. I remember thinking that I should settle, that I should just forget the dream of finding someone, something that made me feel alive and whole and excited. I remember emptiness as a companion, feeling hopeless and exhausted and worn out. I remember this, and I will never forget, and I am glad for this. I am here to tell you, when you think it over, it’s not, when you think you’ll stay alone, you won’t. When you think there’s nothing worth hoping for or holding onto, there is. Hope, happiness, is like stars, we have to turn away, face the darkness, for the shine to appear. I know this is scary, I know it’s hard being all these things, being alone, empty, forlorn, but there is shine on the horizon, there’s always light coming. I promise you, if you hold on for what you deserve, it will come, it always will come. Today’s poem, was a custom poem written for someone who felt this, who believed this, and then it came. This is Typewriter Series #3064 and if you wish to hear me read it as you read it, click Play below.

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