Typewriter Series #3065 | 11.8.20

America for all its flaws, all its tragedies, all its misguided attempts to be the big brother of the world, is built on an ideal of hope. We are built on the idea that many can come together to be one, that diversity can, and should, thrive. Along the way we’ve gone so many wrong directions, and in truth, we were built on the back of such evil treatment of entire races of people, this cannot be argued, and it is something I hope we as a country spend an eternity trying to make reparations for. Still, there is hope, and I feel it rising once again. This post is not a political one, it’s a one of simple truth…for the last half decade there has been more division, more strife, more animosity raging in this country than ever before in my lifetime, and probably the lifetimes of anyone else living. Perhaps we can turn things around, perhaps we can remember that we are all one tree with one root and so many branches. Perhaps. We can be beautiful, we can celebrate our differences, we can work together to spread kindness and peace like a forest. Perhaps we start here, perhaps we begin, now. This is Typewriter Series #3065, and I hope you enjoy the video. Below is the typed version, and the audio poem too, if you want to see it without the moving images.

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