Typewriter Series #3079 | 5.15.21

A little Saturday evening poetry to say hello. Why not, after all? This one is about all that is to come, all that we sit and wonder about when bored, when fearful of where we’ve come from, curious about where we’re heading. This one is about something I can feel, I can see, and I know in some distant far-off, is coming. This one is about simple hope for simple times, for tender moments that say more about the quality of a connection between two souls than any grand romantic gesture ever could. This is about staying quiet, staying still, as to not wake the one that feels safe enough with us to close their eyes and drift away, even for a moment.

This one is about something I hope we all find, this is about some sliver of peace that I swear on all that is holy we all deserve, that we all have already earned, and will continue to over the years that will come.

If you have this, treasure it, if you’re waiting for it, be patient for it is worth the loneliness along the way. We will come to understand the weight of joy, I promise you this, we will learn how heavy it truly is, but how beautiful the burden.

Have a wonderful weekend Chasers. I love you all.

Couple dozen years we’ll be 
fast asleep
and leaning against
the window on a train.

I will not speak 
when I wake before you,
nor risk the motion
that could startle,
and as the world
blurs by,

I will understand
the weight of

and lean my head
-Tyler Knott Gregson-

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