Typewriter Series #3080 | 7.14.21

Been a spell for a Typewriter Poem, and dammit, you deserve one. Well, assuming you enjoy them, then you deserve one, if you hate them and spend your time wishing you never again had to see one, then apologies are in order. On with the show!

This was a custom poem a wonderful woman purchased, and honestly, I fell into this one. I heard the story behind it, I read the words, the details, the beautiful little secret things, and I did my best to spin it into poetry. I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, writing these custom poems, these beautiful little stories people are brave enough to share with me, has become a thing I absolutely treasure doing. I know they are costly, and I know many who probably want one but don’t want to spend the money, and I understand. I charge what I do because I really do spend hours falling into the stories, the details, the lives of those being written about. I want to make sure that the piece I deliver to the person who asked for this, feels like what they speak of. I will never write a half-assed, generic piece. I will wait and wait and wait until the words fall out, and I will promise that what you get, is every bit of me spilled out, only in your story, only in words that make sense to you. Yeah, I love these, and I love being connected to some of You in this way. Thank you, for all who have ordered, who have made gifts of these to those they love, who have treated themselves and had the courage to ask to be made into the poetry they already are. What a treasure.

This is Typewriter Series #3080 and the spoken word is below. As always, if you wish to purchase one, the button is here:

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I call you the best of me,
only the pieces of rare pride
and reluctant admitting,
I call you fundamental, structural
and find myself unsteady
at your lack.

But this is a song of joyful sound,
though laced with sorrow,
this is a testament to how
you found me,
came and stayed and changed

For your gentleness that came
coated in wild,
for taking this lonely heart
that only knew to beat alone
and holding it close,
for this life you saved
two million times
and a dozen more,
I mouth the words thank you
though I cannot yet
form them with

I am here, where I
have always been,
I am waiting for you
to come
and find me

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

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