Watch Now As I Fly | 1.28.21

Have you noticed, human beings are unique in their willingness to run headfirst into things they know could be damaging to them? I struggle to think of many other species that understand the consequences of some defined action, but choose to act anyway for any number of reasons, and if there are some, please educate me as I would love to know. Humans, though, don’t just sometimes do this, we do it often, and we do it proudly. Personally speaking, I have done this, time and again, and while the exact definition of downfall below can change from circumstance to circumstance, I know I have run into scenarios that have my brain screaming at my heart to slow the hell down. My question is a simple one, but one I want to see your opinions on: Why? Why do we do this? Why do we dare our downfalls to obey gravity and make us fall? Why do we believe that despite every bit of evidence to the contrary, we’ll be able to fly? Where does this hope come from? How does it leak into us?

Wherever this light comes from, I am thankful for it. I feel it like wind on wings, like sunrise on sleeping face, I feel it like breath in tired lungs, and I am better for it.

Call you my downfall,

and watch as I proudly leap.

Watch now as I fly.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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