We Had To Make It | 2.12.21

Sometimes you know. That’s it, that’s the advice. Sometimes, you know. So many of you beautiful souls have asked me so many questions, either privately or through the Worry Knott advice column, and so often they surround themselves around the same subject: How do I find my person? How do you know? I mentioned this a few weeks ago, telling you it should feel as easy as breathing, but still be work, still be worth the work. Some of you responded and saying that’s all well and good, but how do you know it’s as easy as breathing? Where do you find them?

This is a tricky one, but the advice I gave and will keep on giving on the where, is this: Figure out what makes your soul feel at home, what you’re needing from others, what makes you feel the most alive, and then put yourself where those people gravitate. Even if this means jumping way, way, way outside your box, try it. Often, we end up looking over and again in the same locations, bars, nightclubs, whatever, and the people that make us feel whole are not there. Try new things, look in new places, take risks you may not have ever taken before, even if they feel silly, even if it feels fruitless. People that feel like home will be in the places that feel like home. Look there.

As for the knowing, this is an area advice just doesn’t really work, sometimes, you just know. The advice I can give, however, is that you can practice listening to your gut, practice trusting it, practice giving it the respect it deserves. We know, always, the things we’re meant to know, it’s just our stupid brains that get involved and try to convince us otherwise. When you know, all plans go out the window, you just know, and you just know you have to make it. This is what I know.

*Also: This day is the birthday of someone very special, our very own Yenny Mondejar. A force of a woman who needs to believe in her own power more, who is a dog whisperer, who loves fiercely. Happy Birthday Yenny, we love you :)*

There was no grand plan,

I just saw you and I knew

we had to make it.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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