We Will Survive This | 2.4.21

Hard to feel like we’re covered by anything other than a broken roof, after all this, some storm always on the horizon, ready to soak all that dwell beneath it. It’s been almost exactly a year now since this test began, since we’ve been so thoroughly and frequently pushed to the very edges of ourselves, and I know how ragged we’re all beginning to feel. I know we see hope like light through the cracks in our ceilings, I know we believe in it and watch it take the shape of vaccinations, of new administrations promising to help fix what’s broken, but still we shudder.

I am here to say, as the optimistic moron that greets you daily, we will survive this. We will endure, we will heal, we will move forward with an intensity and passion never before seen in our lifetimes. I think perhaps this great global clusterf#$* will plant a seed of appreciation in us that we lost sight of, that we buried in infertile soil when we got so accustomed to getting what we wanted, when we wanted it. I know I did, took my travel, my wild wandering life for granted to the point of even feeling exhausted from it, which is fair but still. I know now, without shadow of doubt, when the world opens and I am able to see you all again, hop into some rental car and vanish into a stretch of road I’ve never seen, I will pay closer attention, give it the respect and joy it deserves, and I will breathe each moment deeper.

We will survive this, we intrepid souls, I promise, so please just hold on.

We have been tested,

pushed to the edge of ourselves.

We will survive this.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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