Weekly Wednesday Writing Prompt | 10.13.21

Something different today, as we’re going to be running a contest! One of our lovely paid subscribers, one of our amazing Light Chasers (who wishes to remain anonymous, bless them) has so very graciously donated 5 YEARLY PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS! Holy smokes, the generosity of this community astounds me, how you all care so deeply about this place, about each other, that you’re willing to spend your hard earned dollars on strangers you may never meet. Tears. Anyway, on with it. In order to separate those who are already part of the $5/month community, from those who are not, in order to have 5 of you gifted with these new subscriptions, I’ll have you write a word before your entry, so I can only pick the 5 winners from all you free subscribers. If you’re a free subscriber entering this contest, please before your entry write the word: FLIBBERTIGIBBET in all caps. Then, begin your entry after it. Here goes:

You have 12 words, no more, no less. Write me the most beautiful story you can think of, using only 12 words. It can be sad, happy, aching, lonely, hopeful, sexy, or anything else, as long as you use 12 words, and it’s beautiful to you. Remember, for all you free subscribers, write the word “FLIBBERTIGIBBET” in all caps before your 12 word masterpiece.

I’ll give everyone a week to take this challenge on, and I’ll be having our wonderful anonymous donor co-judge with me. Please know, writing “skill” will have no true weight in this contest, we’re going to be picking purely on feel. :) Cannot wait to see what you come up with, and once again to our giant-hearted donor, THANK YOU!

If you know anyone who would love to be a part of this community, please, share this with them, let them know how much we want to hear from them, their voices, their stories.

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