What Lives Beyond This? | 3.15.21

Beyond the ice, beyond the shadow of this place, out past the edge of darkness and chill, there is something shining. I see it, lighthouse glow on the shore I’m heading towards, I see it as it spins slow, beam of promise then night, then beam again. Swirl through the fog, through the mist that rises between what I am and what I’ll be.

I see it there, I feel it reach for me like finger of god through sky of black, I see it beckoning me forth, through frozen routine and enduring frost.

I’ll ask you now, you scattered across a planet, out there reaching for tiny shards of light like sprouts desperate for spring, what lives beyond this? Tell me, you of earlier light than I, you of place beyond the pitch, what comes for me after this freeze subsides? Is it you holding the torch in lighthouse mirror, is it you aiming the beam my way?

Tell me this will pass, tell me I’ll come unstuck and float, sail, disappear away.

What lives beyond this,

this freeze and enduring cold?

We are stuck in place.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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