When The End Arrives | 4.15.21

Dichotomy, best way I know how to say it, human beings are two things, contrasting one another, at all times. We’re walking juxtapositions, the whole of us, a combination parts that contradict, but somehow still fit. We wander through a lifetime being both darkness and light, joy and sadness, hope and despair, and it’s always been this way. When the end arrives for me, I know I will oddly be two things at the same time: More, but also strangely Less. I will grow, I will add to myself in dozens of ways to become a much more full and well rounded human, but I will also be less. I will strip off the excess that I never needed to carry, I will whittle myself down to the bare white bone of the matter, the shining few necessary to sustain a life. More close friendships, but less artificial ones, more hope, but less forced toxic positivity. More time to spend on what matters, less time to spend on all that doesn't. More love for those I love, less worrying about how it is reciprocated. We become more, but we become less, and this contrast is a beautiful one. We’re capable of such opposites, we always have been.

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