When Will We Return? | 11.18.20

Remember when we were like mist and would float into a place, mix with all the other droplets of water, and become one thing flowing and moving across the landscape? Remember when we huddled together like rainfall and pooled on city streets and mountainsides? Remember when we could hold one another, shake hands with strangers, embrace those who were hurting? Remember unity, remember touch, remember the breathless excitement when plane wheels met earth again and we knew adventure was just beyond the boarding gate? Will this return? When? Tell me, tell me when we will see each other again, when we will hold each other again, when the world will open and we can once again descend like mist on this planet? I only hope when we do, we do it better than we did before. I only hope.

Will normal return,

will we hold others again?

We wait and have hope.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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