Where Did We Begin? | 1.5.21

All things have a beginning, all great stories an opening sentence, a pull from nothing into the great something that lives beyond. All love begins somewhere, a glance, a brief touch of skin, a shared feeling of understanding that might be wordless to start. Some begins with leather tied to tree branch, sometimes it unknots itself, falls to the ground and becomes dust again. But, oh there’s always a but, sometimes those knots were tied true and that leather stays, and sometimes it stays as the branch grows just enough to stretch but never enough to break, and sometimes promises made become promises kept and an entire life grows from one simple, tiny, beautiful gesture. Sometimes friends, you don’t even know when a beginning, when the beginning is occurring, sometimes it just does and it’s only years later you realize you were smack dab in the center of the first moment of the rest of your life.

I encourage you, today, all days going forward, to afford yourself the chance to notice everything, to pay attention and give weight to the moments that could be massive, if only we looked. Life is short, starting over is always right around the corner, it’s up to us to soak in every possible moment of beauty along the way, it’s up to us to shout out and point at each thing that might change our course.

Where did we begin? Where did you?

Was it a whisper,

a glance across a full room?

Where did we begin?

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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