Will I Breathe Again? | 1.18.21

Sometimes in life we meet someone, we go some place, we hear some song, and our breath is completely taken away. We call it stolen, but in truth, we hand it over freely, offer it up like alms to a beggar’s bowl, knowing there is no choice but to do so, knowing that it was always supposed to be this way. Only a handful of times in my nearly 40 years, has this happened to me, only a few people, only a few places. In those moments, without hesitation or slight room for denial, I knew I didn’t mind drowning if it meant that my breath stayed with them, stayed there, for the rest of me. These moments, these precious few and perfect moments, are mileposts that define our lives.

For the people that take the breath, these are those that we cannot live without, that we cannot do life, at least not the life we’re supposed to be living, without. For the places, these are those that we know call our souls home, that beckon with all they have, that show us ourselves in ways we never knew before.

What are these places for you? Ask yourself this, share if you wish. Who are these people for you? Ask yourself that, share if you wish. What is it that makes you know you’re entirely ok drowning in that feeling?

Will I breathe again,

I asked myself when we met.

I don't mind drowning.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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