Will I Waste A Kiss | 4.7.21

Kissing is the main course, not the appetizer, not the warmup, not the drinks and let’s see if we’re hungry later. Kissing is the bonfire, not the kindling, not the crumpled newspaper and long match struck, wind-protected and shaking. Kissing is the point, the whole point, and there are few things on this shining earth better than a good kiss, a kiss you know wasn’t wasted, on lips that know their way around yours.

I stare at a set of lips now, same lips day after day, and a thought rises up in my mind, a thought that would have terrified teenage me, but elates this me more than I know the words for: These are the last lips I’ll kiss, and such, I’ll never waste another kiss again.

Odd how our perspectives shift, how we once saw kissing as the first course, how we looked for new lips over and again, only to fall in love with one set, on one face, only to crave it like the five course meal it’s always been.

I stare at your lips,

smile because never again

will I waste a kiss.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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