Winter Has Its Charms | 1.4.21

Apologies for the late delivery this morning, friends, I was having internet issues quite clearly, and the first working Monday of the year left me wondering if 2021 was going to be that different from 2020 after all. Nevertheless, we’re back in business (I hope) and I hope this was just a chance for mentally sleeping in a bit. It’s winter, you deserve that. Speaking of, I’ve spoken about it at length on this little signal fire, but winter in Montana is an altogether beast of a different nature. This year, for some strange reason, it’s not been. It’s been in the mid to upper 40s pretty much constantly throughout December and January, and the lack of snowfall has had many of us long-time locals scratching our heads as to what’s broken. Saying that, I’d be lying if I said that after the year we just had, this break from the usually vigorous and challenging winters we’re accustomed to, wasn’t welcome.

Still, it was odd to not have a traditionally “white” Christmas, and it’s odd to step outside in what’s usually the coldest month of our year, to sweatshirt weather, to runs and hikes in mountains devoid of any white-stuff. From time to time, it’s that charming white fluff I truly miss. There is a charm to the silence it lends the world, there is a peace that comes when it blankets all things and gives you a blank canvas each morning to begin your day. There’s even therapy in the repeatedly necessary shoveling. Plus, as noted above with my lovely wife, it just photographs so damn well. But what it most comes down to, I believe, is the quiet, that quiet I’ve been hunting all my life, that silence that soothes.

A question then, for you: What is it that soothes You during troubling times? What is quiet, to you? How do you cope? Ring in, share your tips, and maybe we can all benefit from adding a few more tools to our quiver.

Snow like a blanket,

silence like sweet emptiness.

Winter has its charm.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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