Wish I Was The Moon | 4.27.21

Got a thing for the moon, I do. This little love affair with the gentleness of the light it shines, the way it blankets all things in glow, but does it so unassumingly. It’s a mirror, that’s it and that’s all, shining light that’s been shined upon it back, giving it all away even though half of it lives in darkness. I think I relate to the moon, always have, the way it probably feels like two things at once, a source of such light, a source of such dark. I understand this, and so often wish to be the moon, wish to shine the light I’m given to those around me, to those that need it, to those that don’t ever ask. To wrap them in glow and light the way in the hours of darkness they endure. I’m half light, but I’m half shadow, and I know this of myself. I’m working on the light part, working on giving it away constantly, working on shining any good that’s been shined on me right back to those around me. I know I’ve got more work to do, but my goodness, I’m trying my best. Are you?

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