Wishing It Would Stop | 3.7.21

Topsy turvy times, these, spin us about like carousel, like rollercoaster off the rails but somehow still furiously speeding along. I don’t know if you’re on the same page as I am, hell even the same book, but as of late I’ve felt upside down, I’ve felt pulled in strange directions, I’ve felt myself dangling from the end of my rope in many ways. We’ve talked of COVID fatigue on here many-a-time, but I think for many of us, this is something else, something deeper.

I think we’re soul sick, the lot of us, and if you’re not and you happen to be reading this thinking I am crazy and you’ve no idea what I am speaking of, I am so thrilled for you. Share with us what your secrets are, share with us what you’re feeling that gets you through those bog days. For the rest of us, know you are seen, heard, know that how you’re feeling is ok and that somewhere, someone is feeling the same way. Soul sick and tired, upside down and ready for the blood to rush back to our heads from all this time dangling.

It’s ok to feel this, it’s acceptable to be forlorn from time to time, to feel hopeless and exhausted. Something I say a lot here in this space, is that I’ve no room for toxic positivity. Forcing ourselves to only see the positive is just as unhealthy as constantly dwelling on the negative, we need balance, and more than that, we need to admit when the balance is off.

Anyone else out there feeling the same way? Share, we can help one another. I promise.

I am upside down,

waiting for it all to spin,

wishing it would stop.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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