Would You Fear For Me? | 1.6.21

Confession here: I watch bad TV while exercising every day. Sometimes it’s only slightly bad, sometimes it’s very bad, and right now I’m trying to decide where the last show I watched during said workouts fits. I watched, and please don’t judge me, The Wilds on Amazon Prime, and while I won’t spoil anything by saying the ending really chapped my buns, I will say, it was fun, it was escapism, and it actually had me asking myself some questions. One of these actually popped up and started a conversation between Sarah and I, and it was this: What would you do if I was in need, how far would you go? As I’m clearly more romantic and sweet, I immediately answered that I would in fact face any fear if it meant helping her, she was a bit more hesitant as some of her fears (some that were shown in the show itself) run pretty damn deep. I jest, I jest, as I do think if push came to shove, she’d face any fear if it meant saving my life, but alas, the hesitation was there.

This was the birth of this haiku, this question, this wondering. How far WOULD you go for those you love? A bigger, more interesting question is this: How far would you go for a stranger? Would your fears prevent you from helping? Would they propel you forward? I think we are often defined by our actions in trying times, and I’m not sure if this is fair, but it does highlight the constitution of our mettle.

So I ask you, today…what fears would you be willing to face in order to save someone you love? Then, what fears would you be willing to face to save a stranger?

Would you swim for me,

risk the monsters in the deep?

Would you fear for me?

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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