You Are Mystery | 3.6.21

Do we know we are mystery to those that love us, do we understand the layers yet to uncover, the threads that lead to knots that lead to others beyond? We are balls of twine and muscle, sinew and thread, blood and yarn, we coil around ourselves, we wrap tighter when we are pulled. Someone will come, they always come I am here to tell you this truth, someone will walk in with nimble fingers and patience for the dissecting of knot and snarl. Mystery, they will name us, unknowable thing worth investigation and study. Us, we will say, truly us? You, they will say, always you, and they will set themselves to unravelling.

At some point in this endeavor, we will look over with guilt and horror in our eyes, we will stare at the pile of all we wrapped ourselves in, all the discarded extra we collected along the way, nested like flying things, and we will try to offer apology. Unnecessary, they will say, and hold our mess to light like an offering, like a newborn to first light.

Listen when they praise our torn threads and web of all we thought we needed, listen when they call us beautiful. We are ten thousand strings twisted and swirled around one another, we are rope fraying but strong. Someone will come and call us mystery, but they will say these words with light in their eyes.

Someone will come.

You are mystery,

and I'm unravelling you.

What will uncover?

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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