You're Sunrise To Me | 3.23.21

Some are nightfall, some are twilight, some are high noon on a blue sky day. Some are moon shadow, some are purple mountain right before dark. Some are bright as comet fire, some are pale as morning light. Some are sunrise, and carry a promise with them wherever they go, some are the air that holds dust sparkles when the first glint of sun bursts through a cracked curtain. Some are the magic that never leaves that.

I wonder what I am, what light, what shadow? I wonder how you’d describe me, were you to whisper off where I am not, were you to tell someone that has never met me, never spoken to me, never seen the way my eyes look in any kind of glow.

What would you say? You scattered out there, you who know me in so many different ways, so many different degrees, some digital, some physical, some as an idea. What would you say?

Pale as morning light

and carrying that promise.

You're sunrise to me.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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