A Page Maybe Two | 3.13.21

I love the quirks of those we cherish, I love the tiny things that make them who they are, the idiosyncrasies, the unseen bits. My wife is a woman of these, filled to the brim. She’s a woman of opposites, she’s a woman of juxtapositions, she’s a woman of multitudes. One of my favorites, one that pops out anytime I find my mind drifting off to her, is her love of books, her deep love of reading. I don’t know if I know anyone that loves to read more, but I also don’t know anyone that falls asleep so quickly each time she begins to actually do so. Each night she lays down full of excitement and apprehension for the world that lives inside those pages, and each night without fail the book is closed, her eyes with it, two minutes later.

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