A Plea In The Dark | 4.8.21

There are others around, more like us, you know this don’t you? You’re not alone here, you never have been, you are one dancing spark off a torch dripping over a river dark. They rise as you rise, float like alive, play in the night air like lightning bug, catch sight of their own reflection in the moving water and wonder at their shape. There are more of us, many enough to call us everywhere, and we can find one another again. We can combine into one thing again, shine out like flame and illuminate the rest of this place. This is a plea in the twilight, a call to the embers that ride wind gusts and breeze, this is a shout across the valley, to the mountaintops, to the sea beyond, to gather. Come near, we echo, for we are. Come near, we holler into the places blanketed in cloud and rainfall, let us grow into flame.

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