A Poll: What Would Make You Join?

A quick question for all of you wonderful people that signed up for this here Signal Fire, but haven’t yet joined the community by hopping behind the little $5/month paywall. There is NO pressure to do so, NO pressure to pay a single penny, the Sunday Edition and Wednesday Photo Dump posts will remain free forever, but I do have a question as I am always striving to make this place better for you all:

What, if offered, would prompt you to join the exclusive community, pay the $5 a month to me instead of Starbucks once a month, and become a full-fledged Signal Fire supporter? What could I do to sweeten the pot, and get you to join?

If nothing, no worries whatsoever, I completely understand that right now times are tough, times are always tough, and it’s just not feasible. I love you for signing up for my Signal Fire no matter where you happen to fall, what category you’re in. I’m just curious here, how can I make this better for you all?!