A Simple Morning | 1.23.21

I’m a broken record, I am sure, speaking often and openly about the need for simplicity. What I believe, is that it’s something that can be extremely healing, and that it can be something we practice. No one said a word about jumping headfirst into a life of total simplicity, no one says you have to sell it all off and begin again. We can ease into this, we can practice, we can add mindfulness to the mix so the lessons we’re trying to teach ourselves actually stick, actually resonate. For me, I begin each morning with a routine that reminds me of this striving for simplicity, that centers me and puts me ready for whatever else is to come. It’s breakfast, kids, the most important meal of my day.

Scrambled eggs (of which I must say I may make the finest you’ve ever eaten), two slices of toast with a little raspberry jam, a hot mug of green tea, and a conversation with my wife in sleepy thunder morning voice, and it begins. I notice the texture of the eggs whilst cooking them, the smell of the bread as it browns, taste the sweetness of the jam mixed with the savory Irish butter. I feel the heat from the tea in my throat. This is where I begin, and it pushes me forward in a slower, simpler way.

Do you have ways you practice this? Is this even a goal for you? I’d truly love to know.

Morning bread and jam,

scrambled eggs on the stovetop,

a simple morning.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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