A Year In Thank You + A Question

My friends, my lovely subscribers, all you magic humans that have joined this Signal Fire, this community of Light Chasers scattered across a planet…I love you. All. One year ago on Monday (the 25th) I sent out what would become my first official post on this here Signal Fire, and I asked you all to take a chance on stepping a bit away from social media, and into this space. I wanted something more intimate, I wanted some place WE control, not some algorithm, and now, a year later, what we have is so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The free subscription list has grown, and continues to grow, and for that I am eternally thankful. Twice a week I send out my photography, and my words, and to see how far it’s reaching, far away from all things Facebook has created, is humbling, and I feel so very lucky.

Those of you who have hopped behind the paywall, I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am, and will always be that you trust me with your money each month. I’ve always dreamed of creating art, of sharing my words and trying to make a living as a strange man with autism who loves poetry, and slowly, magnificently, you are all making that dream a reality. For nearly 12 years I gave all my art away, and was one of many who made Instagram very, very, wealthy. To know that you all value me enough to help me out each month, that you’re willing to support the work I make, means more than I know to say thank you for. So again, I love you, so much. In honor of that, and in honor of a new year beginning, I want to offer more up to all of you who pay each month, or who are about to (hopefully!) renew your subscriptions. I want to give more back, and so, I have some really fun extras that I will message you privately about soon. In the meantime, for you, and for all you free signups, I have just one more question I want to revisit as I want this place to be as special as possible, and I believe in listening to the experts…You.

In the simplest terms…What can I do to make this place better? What would you like to see, to hear, to participate in? What would you like to wake up to, what would make this a more meaningful community? If you’re a free signup, what would be the incentive that would make you want to join all of us in our Writing Prompts, our Discussions, our threads, our conversations, but mostly, our Family that we’ve been creating?

Sound off, please, share with me your thoughts. This discussion thread is open to you all, and I would love to hear. I’ll be sticking with the bones of this Signal Fire as the way forward, the bi-weekly posts, but I would just love to hear your brainstorms about what would make this magical little corner of the internets more meaningful.

Thank you, for being here this year, thank you for supporting me, thank you for creating such a beautiful place. For those who DO want to join us and become supporters, the little button is below. Whatever you choose, know how valued you are.

I love you all.