Another Discount + A Question

Quick note to all you lovely souls this fine day, and a quick question to follow. First, many of you asked if I could do another discount for holiday shopping between now and the big Christmas Eve GOLDEN TICKET drawing, (remember, every single purchase gets your name entered to the drawing to win some rad prizes on Christmas Eve, we’re talking free calendars, ORIGINAL typewriter series poems — as in the actual typed piece of paper, the only in existence — signed typewriter prints, a journal, and more) and so I decided to do exactly that. Extend the 20% off sale all the way through the drawing on Christmas Eve. Why the heck not, you all deserve it.

SO, if you head to the shop by clicking the button below, and enter code: LASTCHANCE you’ll get 20% off. Each thing you order in your order enters your name, so if you order 3 calendars, that’s 3 more entries. Bam.


And finally, a question to get your wheel’s turning….What is some Merch that you’d like to see in the shop?! Are there any products missing, things you’d like to grab if they were there?

Hope you’re all well, I love you much.