Literally any of them. Lol.

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there are so many that come to mind! i think one that is wildly loved that has always been a nice reminder is: “ promise me

you will not spend

so much time



and trying

to keep yout



the waves

that you forget,

truly forget,

how much you have always


to swim” ❤️

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The Never Was would be my vote but I love it all !

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Two of my all time favorites:

1) *my introduction to TKG!*

If I died tonight

I think I would like to come back

as your morning coffee

Just as strong

and just as necessary

2) *my life is “one too many adjectives”*

Right now

I smelI

like old books.

My hands


with tired words

and broken ideas.

Right now

I smell

like paragraphs

and one too many


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I wouldn’t even know where to begin?! I’m completely in awe of your partnership with Sarah so I’d love to hear some of the deeper, maybe even naughtier, behind the scenes back stories from any of The Never Was… I’d like to spice things up w/ my own love, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, so gimme some ideas! How about some of your faves to start?

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Love bravely,

Love without

borders or fear.

Follow your heart

no matter the cost.

No matter

the cost.🤍

-(Most days, this is my lockscreen on my phone). Totally love this one, along with literally any others. 😅

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Oh, I missed this place.

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First, this is a fabulous idea.

Second, favorite typewriter aeries - gosh were do I begin, other than even one Eva Green read, (100# is amazing,.. you and her are a match made in spoken poetry heaven)

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I love this idea, and I love so many of your poems, it’s really hard to pick any out. I am fascinated by the Never Was, and would love to hear the backstory of where they came from and why they “never were”

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I don't think I could pick a favourite poem.... I love them all so much. I have a copy of every single one of your books of poetry. But as someone who aspires to one day publish her own poetry, I would love to know some BTS/backstory about how you embarked on your journey to become a published poet; self publishing vs using a publisher; how you combat the pressure from publishers to have a crazy following on social media; how do you say f**k it to the algorithm and stay genuine for your audience/true to yourself and still have your books published. I find the pressure to "be somebody" on socials is just so huge these days.

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Same here. All ?

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