Backlit - New Feature Coming - Need Your Help!

Hello you beauties…I need your help this fine day as I’m going to be rolling out a new feature for all you paid subscribers soon! I wanted to offer up another little incentive for people to hop behind the little paywall and become part of this amazing community of Signal Fire Light Chasers, and I think I’ve come up with a cool idea that many of you have messaged me about, asked about, or suggested.

Basically, a lot of you have asked for more “Behind The Scenes” info on the poetry, the process, the whole shebang. I’ve decided to start filming totally unscripted little videos where I explain the poems you all choose and love, behind the scenes info on what inspired them, which lines came first, and all that. I’m not going to promise them every single week, but I’ll do my best to get as many done as possible and keep them coming to you, embedded in here, on Signal Fire, for you to watch when you wish. I shall name it, Backlit, and I hope you love it.

SO, here’s where I need your help, so please, do ring in:

What poems, Typewriter Series or The Never Was, do you most want to hear the backstory to? Which are your favorites that you’d want to know the story behind, the inspiration for, and all that jazz? Sound off below, and I’ll get started.

I think this will be something really cool, and I’m excited to finally open up some of the stories behind some of the poems, and I think it’s a rad little incentive to hop behind the paywall. It’s $5 a month, and it truly does change my life, and keeps me feeding my family and able to write and create poetry and essays and art, which I so hope you’re all still enjoying.

If you wanna join us, be able to access the community, the writing prompts, the discussion threads, and now, the behind the scenes videos, please, please, click the little button below!

I love you all.

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