Come And Gather Here | 1.24.21

This place, this sacred little place we have carved out of the internets, the social media far behind us, is something special. I stand by that. I think what we’re making, the community we’re growing, is something worth holding onto, worth spreading the news about, worth shining from the mountaintops because there are so few places like it. So few places where all are welcome, all are worthy, all are loved precisely as they are. We are unified here, one group of light chasers spread across a planet, all hoping for something bigger than ourselves, wherever we may be sitting, whatever lives we may be living. Here, you are safe, you are wanted, you are always whole, for you always were whole, even if you didn’t see it, even if you couldn’t.

It’s been a period of such immense divide here in these United States, and probably most everywhere around the world. Between political strife, a stupid pandemic that has shut down a planet, and hostilities that should have died out so long ago but seem to still be raging, we’re all feeling further and further away. This, precisely this, is why I hold this community we’re making in such high regard, for it is so necessary.

How are YOU all feeling here? How are you enjoying this? Are you finding it worth sharing, worth spreading the news about? Are you feeling more whole here than you were before it? I would love to check in, see what I can do to help more, be more, offer more. I am here, always, and I hope you know this.

Come and gather here,

you are safe you are wanted

you are always whole.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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