Thank you for the hope and faith for the week! Great message - Arigato (?)

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In 1993 I met a man. Definitely not love at first sight, but he felt familiar. It drove me crazy trying to figure out where I knew him from. (I never did figure it out.)

I did marry him though- loved him like I never knew love could feel: good, bad, and indifferent. I have yet to meet a man that I would trade him for, nor have I ever felt that original familiarity with anyone else.

I tell myself that I didn’t know him from my past, I knew him from my future.

So this love at second sight that you write about rings true for me.

Though to be honest, love has been more bullshit and roller coasters than romance and love songs for us. But somewhere inside time and fate is the glue that tethers us together through it all.

-People who are destined to meet will always find each other.

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Damn, this is INCREDIBLE!! Wow. I really needed this. Thank you for sharing.

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