Drop What Is Heavy | 12.31.20

Hours from now, short hours that will be mostly dark, we will close the chapter we called 2020. We will turn the page, we will feel a strange mix of relief, of melancholy, of sorrow, of hope. 2021 is hours away, and my hope for each and every one of us is simple: I wish for us all to wipe away the dust that was left by this insane debacle we called a year, to wipe our slates clean, to drop whatever heavy thing we’re carrying, and begin again. We forget, when surrounded by so much lightlessness, that we still have a choice on how we go forward, on where we aim ourselves. This year, above all years, we have to choose to run straight into the light, however small a speck it may seem, and we must do so with clean slates and empty arms. I believe, with all my silly heart, that if we do this, we will have so much more room to carry so many better things.

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