Easy As Breathing | 1.25.21

I won’t name names, I won’t call anyone out or reveal any secrets, but I will say something here, and I will hope it answers one of the Worry Knott questions that I was privately sent, but does so in a safely public way. The short-version of the question was simple: How do you find love, and when you think you found it, how do you know it is love? I wanted to answer this because I think it’s something that many people wonder of, many want to ask but feel embarrassed to do so, many are waiting for an answer on. I’ll do my best here, and I will try to make it make sense, but keep in mind it is a perspective that is mine and mine alone, born out of all the experiences I have had, the relationships both failed and successful, the ache, the joy, the whole burrito.

The haiku below says it all, truly, but I’ll expound. I believe that love will come easy when it comes, and it will come when it is supposed to. I believe that the love will feel as easy as breathing, like you’ve waited a lifetime to do so, been practicing all your life, already know the dance steps even though you didn’t have the music. BUT WAIT, you’re saying, it cannot be this easy! Alas, it is not. The love part, the loving part, the knowing part, I believe feels this way, but it’s time, tide, life, circumstance, responsibility, timing, and two billion other obstacles that make the having of the loving hard. We’re always going to be faced with these hurdles in front of the love we’ve found, and it’s up to us to decide if we’re willing, hell if we’re able, to jump over them. The love comes easy, the staying is the work, the choosing it, day after day after day, there’s the rub. What they don’t tell you is it’s gonna be hard, as hell, love…what they also don’t tell you is, it’s so worth it.

It'll come easy

when it is supposed to come.

Easy as breathing.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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