Frozen In Half Life | 2.10.21

Today is a special day, and as such deserves a special newsletter. Today is the birthday of my father, the one and the only Glenn “Goose” Gregson. Today is also the birthday of my lovely wife’s father, Mike Hiel, a strange coincidence that sometimes makes you wonder if it’s a coincidence at all. Lessons can be learned from our fathers, rules for living a life that are taught by example, taught by gentle force, taught by strength that takes shape in a hundred different ways. We learn how to live from our parents, from those we call guardians, and I know Sarah and I have learned so much of what it is to live from ours. We know, from these brave men, what it is to live fully, rather than allowing ourselves to be frozen in some half life, terrified to take the steps forward, terrified to risk. My Dad has been in professional baseball quite literally my entire life, and has had to sacrifice a lot to make the ends meet for our family. He’s had to say goodbye more than anyone should ever have to say goodbye, all to keep the cogs on the wheel that was our family turning. This will never go unappreciated, never go unnoticed. I know Sarah’s Dad, as well, spent a lifetime nurturing green things to light, working 7 days a week in a state that doesn’t particularly harbor those green things to grow. We were the recipients of this effort, of this courage to give it all, even if it meant not leaving much for themselves.

Happy Birthday to my Daddy O and happy birthday to Sarah’s. My only hope is that you all have had someone, anyone, in your life that can teach you lessons like these. IF not, if tragically not, I hope you can learn them from the fathers in our lives, from these words passed down from them. Live a full life, give yourself to it, work hard, and be not afraid of sacrifice if it’s for something you love.

Happy Birthday, indeed.

A coward before,

terrified to truly live,

frozen in half life.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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