My husband and I had grandfathers who shared a birthday. They were both father figures for us. I always felt like that had to mean something; like that was too much of a coincidence.

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Thank you to my amazing son for this awesome birthday tribute! He often tells me that I have helped shape his life for the past 40 years... to which I will always remind him that HE has likewise helped shape mine!! With each passing birthday, Tyler (and my family) find ways to make my life even more precious!! I am a very lucky man!! As are all of you that have followed him for the past many years!!

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Happy Birthday! To raise such an amazing son, you must be amazing as well!

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Thank you, Lena... Your words are very kind, but I can’t take all the credit... Tyler’s Mom is equally, if not more so, for Tyler and his two amazing sisters... We are very proud, lucky parents!!

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Happy birthday! 💗🎂🎁🎈🎉

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Wow so much to unpack in this. Happy Birthday to both your dads! I love the message as it is what I need to remember personally - as I push through to my dreams. Having lost 3 "fathers" and a mom, I am an orphan but with fantastic memories. Dad was a hardscrabble hardworking construction worker, and taught me strength - to be a fighter. Mont was the love of my mom's life and showed me unconditional love and acceptance - and found his dream. He was a North Dakota farm boy growing up fast with no dad, and helping to raise his siblings. He dreamed of having his own fishing boat and living on the sea. He did and was happiest right before he died. My stepfather Bob came to our lives late in life, and was a veteran of WW II, fighting on the same ocean - wounded in battle - softened with age, and loving my daughter as his own. These three men all offered something - individually to us. Having achieved one life's dream to travel to Ireland, I'm working on the second one - and as you wish yours well today, I remember mine.

Cedar and truck oil,

Sweet ocean and fish,

Love behind hard salt.

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Those are lovely affirmations of good fathers. They are not standard issue. Thank God throughout your life you will meet very nurturing parent-like individuals who are not your birth fathers and mothers. In Germany we have the saying — I’m translating! — “It’s not hard to become a father, but pretty difficult to be one (“Vater werden ist nicht schwer, Vater sein dagegen sehr.”)

Here is some Tanka talk about good parents.


In Praise of Good Fathers


fathers aren’t born

as good fathers just like that

they need to work hard

to give children all they need

love, patience, good examples


kids need to be loved

good fathers form good models

for the kids they raise

a loving home for them now

will then give their kids good homes


all those who can love

can be excellent fathers

just protect those kids

love them as much as you can

be grateful for your children


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