Happy International Women's Day!

Today is one of my most favorite days of the entire year, today, is International Women’s Day. Today is the day we get to pause, reflect, and truly celebrate the women in our lives, in our world, that have redefined strength in the face of adversity indescribable. Today is a chance to say Thank You, to apologize, to once again re-pledge ourselves to doing whatever is necessary to help use whatever privilege we may have into demanding absolute equality.

I had a childhood surrounded by women, strong, fierce, independent women that planted a seed in me that has never stopped growing. I have watched that seed turn into an entire garden of absolute awe for women, for the struggles faced with grace and grit, for the way that they can announce their strength without needing to shout or scream, they can exude it silently sometimes.

This poem is in my upcoming book, Illumination, and it’s a lesson I’ve learned from the women I’ve been so lucky to know, to love, to learn from. It’s exhausting being strong, and I will stay here, always, ready to support women in any way I am told will be helpful. I will never pretend to understand, I will never pretend to have the answers on how to help, I will shut my mouth, listen, and take the direction when it is given.

Thank you, and Happy International Women’s Day. I am here, at your disposal ladies, use me as you will.

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