Love what you are doing for these people. Beautiful, passionate and inspiring essay.

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It’s the seeds of genuine kindness and love we plant that that take hold and grow despite resistance and ignorance and fear. It’s the planting of these seeds knowing we may never see the trees they grow into that is so important to this world. Blessings to you for the work you are doing to grow a garden rooted in paying forward human kindness and love ❤️

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Let us be Chasers Of The Light -

let the Signal Fire burn brightly

A beacon

A welcome

A harbor

An unconditional love and grace and peace

Arms open wide

The haters will be consumed and will taste the wine they serve in the name of “pride” or “country” or what have you…

Our job is to love.


🔥 Torches up Signal Fire family!!! 🔥

This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine

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Jan 23, 2022·edited Jan 23, 2022

Today’s essay touched me deeply. Thank you for spreading the word and putting it into action! As an immigrant myself, acceptance and feeling “at home” are recurring issues. Having the support and kindness of complete strangers when you are most vulnerable is humbling and inspiring, and leaves an imprint on your life forever. This rings true for any person or group that society chooses to ignore, be it homeless, orphans, people with mental or physical disabilities, and sometimes it’s your neighbor or a person in line at the grocery store. I hope that we all find ways to pay it forward and pass the flame of compassion and love like an Olympic torch. ❤️

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I have numerous words in my head about this. Not sure how to get them out ,… Damn, Amen, Hell yeah, …etc! I can’t say how beautiful this is, how much this approach to others is needed in our world. So for now how about a Salut to the Gregson clan - you guys are damn brave and beautiful - Go go Gregsons !

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Well done, Sarah and all; and your words echo something I have seen recently as I follow and learn from Indigenous leaders and land defenders, who are protecting their sacred headwaters against the ramming through of a pipeline in the face of militarized police here in BC …

The conversation is not of rights, not really, but of responsibility and obligation. What is our responsibility to the land? To each other?

I’m immensely grateful for Sarah and many others like her who live from that world and inspire me to do the same.

“An it harm none, do what you will.”

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This reminds me of the parable of the man on the beach throwing starfish back in the sea. What an incredible difference the love and generosity of your family is making in the lives of as many as possible. I hope this inspires a beautiful waves of giving and love for many more families too. Thank you for always shining a light of love.

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I'm so incredibly touched by this beautiful story. Bless you ❤

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Thank you. I thought about quoting something like “being the change you want to see in the world”, or how “no one can do everything but everyone can do something, and together we can change the world”, and as much as those sentiments 100% apply here, in the end, I just want to say thank you. The world needs all the love, compassion. and kindness it can get.

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We don't encounter people or groups of people by accident. Every person you meet will have a significance in your life, whether it's big or small. Some will help you reach further than you would have without them, some will hurt you, and some will inspire you to be better, to rise up and make changes. Similarly, you are playing some role in their lives as well. Paths cross for a reason. We need to treat people with significance - it builds trust and safety. You and Sarah have done this. You so unselfishly gave, and in many unknown ways are being given to.

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I feel seen seen and validated and loved. Thank you both for elevating humanity just when the darkness rings too loud. Recently, Kiet and I drove home through South Dakota. There were large billboards advertising real-estate with a young guy with toilet bowl white teeth on it, smiling next to massive letters that said: “Selling South Dakota.” It broke me and we broke the speed limit all the way to Iowa.

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Fantastic!! It makes my heart swell to know that some of the first things these people will feel from our country is the love and effort of you and Sarah and all the wonderful people who helped you prepare their new lives for them. Sending huge love to you all!

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Tyler, thank you for this beautiful rant! Thank you for getting angry and letting it out! It's courageous to do so these days. As you were describing your photo of the American flag over the junkyard, a bald eagle buzzed my tower, so to speak, flying low directly over my path as if to offer his or her support.

If those rascist assholes only knew the true origins of that terrible war that cost so many innocent people their lives and liveliehoods... that it was US that instigated and stuck our nose where it didn't belong... the irony. The shear irony that is the stupid American people. The blissfully ignorant. The hatefully ignorant. These loud assholes who have no problem picketing and protesting and spewing their hatred and vitriole have no idea they are in the minority. Your work and your wife's work and the many people that donated prove that they are in the minority - that we are more alike than we are different. The Truth will prevail about this and everything else. Carry on, brother.

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I had a collage photo I wanted to add to this but can’t seem to, so I will just tell you what’s there.

A photo of people holding signs saying stop Cuban takeover. English only.

A photo of Mr. and Mrs. Archer from Joplin, Missouri circa 1961 in front of a house they had furnished for us.

A photo of our family in the snow. For the first time.

A photo of a little girl at dinner in someone’s home that she didn’t even know how to speak to their children yet she was at their table.

The story of our life. How for as many ugly people we encountered, we met tenfold our own Sarah’s and Tyler’s. How it made a difference. How it still does.

Carry on fierce friends, it is never in vain.

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This is fucking amazing. You guys set the damn world on fire and don't let up. Ever.

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