I Never Gave Up | 1.29.21

There comes a point in our lives where we’re forced to decide on something, forced to choose. This fork in this road came for Frost, and we know where he went, we know the path he chose and how it made all the difference. It will come for you, as it came for me, and if it hasn’t yet, it will. If it has, there’s a chance another fork may come, another moment of decision that requires bravery and a heart willing to take a risk. One of the defining moments of my life came a few years ago, I was required to decide to continue on the path I was on, or to risk it all and step off, to redirect, to go another way. I never gave up back then, never stopped seeing the light through the dark, never stopped believing that the life I wanted was out there, waiting for me to find it. I chose, defiantly, that joy was worth the fear, that hope was worth the risk.

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