I started a journal 6 years ago because as a college freshman 200+ miles from home, I was overwhelmed and needed a place to dump my thoughts and work through them. To this day, it is my unbiased sanctuary.

Btw- love the daily songs!

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I really wish I could track down some of your high school writing I have. I will keep looking because I am sure it was gold!

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I absolutely love this!

I can honestly say I feel the same about writing.. I never title any of my poems which makes a lot of people upset for some reason?

I just feel like its impossible to contain the amount of energy and soul in a piece with one word (in most cases.)

I also write my name over and over again, in a way it's a sort of meditation.

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Love the thought behind this. I’ve only recently started writing but it has become a big part of helping cope with hard times

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this is good to read that you write to sort things out and do little to no editing. this will help me on my path. i do a lot of writing and often get stuck in the editing phase or at least in the editing mindset -- the idea of perfection. in the last year or so i have done better writing just for the sake of writing and it has been liberating but hearing you say this pushes me even further in that direction. thank you.

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Writing is so cleansing, and I love this reflection, as well as the poem. I also have been writing since childhood. Reading is also a part of me constantly. This is a wonderful insight into your writing style. I get stuck with too many ideas! I love your music choices. Thanks again so much.

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I love this so much... journaling keeps me grounded, gives me an outlet to settle the chaos inside~ I love the daily e-mails and the music! THANK YOU for sharing your Soul with us!!!

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I've never been one with words. Tuning the world out with music in my headphones while I paint, build, sculpt, or draw is my source of sanity. Feeling the need to pick up those paintbrushes is hitting hard this morning. Thank you for the inspiration. Love these daily emails.

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So grateful for you. I am just like you. Writing is how I process everything. I used to be more judgmental of myself, but now I try to write freely and without any editing. Your poem reminds me of a poem I wrote.

"Time ticking ticking

ticking away

but the passing minutes

have no effect on me.

I exist in a state

all my own.

The place

a writer lives

resembles no other 
place on this earth.

We live in the mind,

in the pages

of the books we read

and the words 
that pour from our pens


Most people think

we live to write

but the real truth

of it is

we write to live."

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I love this 😍 so thankful that your words help you as much as they help and inspire us!

Also Im a little envious of people who have a clear “thing” that they know is their thing and they just do it! I’ve spent so much time over the last few year dipping in and out of different creative things and can’t seem to get to a settling point. Anyone else feel like this?

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Wow.... I've been an English teacher for twenty years (so I've followed the process of a lot of writers) and an avid follower of all things metaphysical (in my spare time). So much has been said about how neurodivergent people are here in higher numbers than ever to raise the frequency of the planet. What you describe as your process supports that theory. If your mind taps into language and creates with the kind of fluency that reaches into the rest of us and lights a spark (and it does), then you're nothing short of a light worker. You translate human experience into things our hearts understand...and moving anyone out of their head and into their heart raises their frequency. What you describe as "opening a tap" sounds a lot like channeling to me...sounds like Spirit has found a pen through you. So.....just keep shining like you do, Lighthouse. Apparently you came to this lifetime with important and beautiful work with words to do and it just happens to be your gift to the rest of us.

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So very grateful for you and your writing! Writing also helps me feel free. I work as a book editor, so when it comes to my own writing, I find it so difficult to turn off that part of my brain and just let the creativity flow. But it's always so liberating when I quiet the inner critic and let the words roll out.

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This is exactly what I've never been able to put into words. Though I'm too shy to show my work that openly.

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