I Will Wish You Well | 2.16.21

Strife comes, we know this as fact, disconnections with those we know and love, anger that manifests in a million ways, distance that plants itself and like mudslide, pulls us away. We know this happens from time to time, we know that there will be periods where people enter our lives, and we know there will be periods where people exit, I have always believed how we handle the exits dictate the people we truly are, the contents of our character. It is easy when these walkaways occur, to flavor them with distrust or irritation, with scorn or the even deadlier disease of apathy, it’s much harder to treat the splits with grace and understanding. I have always believed, when it’s time for someone to leave your life, for whatever reason, wish them well, hope for them a life of passion in a new form, hope for simple pleasure.

This loving kindness is, let’s be honest, sometimes brutally difficult to achieve, but as all challenging prospects, entirely worth it. It takes practice, it takes reminding ourselves daily, it takes more grace than we think we’ve got, but it’s do-able, and it’s vital. Fact is, more people will leave than stay, and the sooner we know this, the sooner we acknowledge it and adjust our sails accordingly, the happier our own lives will be. So much weight we set down, when we react this way.

Are there people who have had to leave your life? Have you tried this method? What have you found?

I will wish you well,

hope for a life of passion

and simple pleasure.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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