In All The Ways You Give It | 12.24.20

Christmas Eve. My goodness, a day that all my life has filled me up with more excitement and giddiness than any other day of the year. I blame, er, thank my wonderful Mother for this, as she is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Queen of Christmas. She taught me that you’re never too old to enjoy the spirit of this holiday season, you’re never too silly to enter a Christmas Cookie Contest, you’re never too ridiculous to enjoy the hell out of this season. So, today, all I wish to say to you is that the best gift of all gifts you’ve got to give this year, all years, is your love. We can make loving an art form, the ways we give it, the grace in which we accept it. It needs no wrapping, it needs no bow, just love, love, and love a little more.

Whatever you’re doing, whether you celebrate it or not, tonight, I want to say how much I love all of you, wherever you are. I love that you’re with me on this odd journey through newsletters and finding my voice in an old-school method of delivery. We’re building a beautiful community on this little thing, and I love the way it feels. Thank you, for each and every one of you.

Make an art of love,

in all the ways you give it,

in accepting it.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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