Thanks for ripping my heart open and doing it again. I’m at the bottom and your immense light is guiding me back to myself. Bless you.

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Nothing like a good Sunday morning cry. DAMN this hit me like a train. I am absolutely at the bottom right now feeling all these things. You always know how to verbalize what I’m feeling even when I don’t. You carry the truth like a torch. Thank you.

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I am completely upside down here, timewise, and I have to go. So:

I'm sorry you got the Covid; I survived my third go-round in February-March, so I hope you just get the annoying cold version and not the horrid version I got the first time.

As for love:

My armored heart

Once decided, never quits

Just never gives up


my heart is goofy like that

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Oh my how incredibly amazing this was for me to hear this week. I have been married to a complete opposite for 25 yeard in every way other than we love each other. I grew up in Montreal my Mon and Dad's door was always open they never judged anyone NO ONE we had little but the love filled the house. MY husband struggles his Dad left when he was 12 he had one set of clothes and had to work on a farm at 12 and hard work it was. His bitterness pops out afraid I will leave like his Dad although I've tried to sooth him reassure hiS fear BUT IT rears its crazy scary head on occasion. I am an artist and as you know ADD creeps in ( I've been dianosed) I can't sit still being idol is impossible. love is HARD I admire him immensely for his resilence his love for me and for the ability to move forward. I don't know what tomorrow brings but today is quiet holding hands helping each other surf through this nutty journey .THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR.BEAUTIFULLY REAL COLORED WORDS ❤

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Thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear right now x

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Absolutely beautifully said. This line grabbed me: "They have baggage they’ve been carrying all Their lives too, filled up and sat on to get the zipper closed by everyone they’ve ever let inside the tiny hotel they call a heart." So often we forget that those we love have their own story that got them to where they are, as do we. There are parts of those stories that are kept zipped in that suitcase until the trust is sufficient to show them the bits, one by one. If you should happen to find a person you can show the whole contents to, unzipped and wide open in the brightness of the day, that is indeed love.

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