It's You And It's Me | 2.6.21

In an attempt to point out and truly call attention to the things I appreciate about my life, the things that I refuse to let myself take for granted, the things that deserve praise and even one moment of hesitation on, today I’m going to say exactly that. I appreciate how no matter what life throws at me, I have someone by my side that sticks, truly sticks. I appreciate how when the winters get freezing cold and seem to stretch on into oblivion, she’s there, (and now, Gilly is there too) and I appreciate how when summer arrives and it burns everything around me leaving everything charred and brittle, again, she’s there. I appreciate what it is to have a partner, a true partner that challenges you, pushes you to be better, and refuses to put up with your bullshit when your bullshit won’t stop coming. I need this. She needs this. We all do, and I think one of the most incorrect assumptions is, that partnership has to be a romantic one. For me, it happens to be, but in no way is the romance or sexuality of the thing a prerequisite. There are a dozen ways to obtain this, a dozen ways to be fulfilled, and a romantic connection is only one. The key, is finding someone who you feel yourself with, and giving them the appreciation and time they (and you) deserve.

This winter has been a tough one, challenged me and my mind in ways I didn’t think possible, and knowing that there was a set of arms behind me should I fall, made all the difference in the world. Find this, for I know it’s there for all of us, and in the process, become it for those in need. What a beautiful symbiosis.

Through coldest winter,

through summer of burning heat,

it's you and it's me.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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