We share so many quirks and some of yours made me chuckle out loud (COL? Did I create something new 🤣) this morning...

Being in the moment - I think most of my quirks are routine related but one that drives any passenger in my car crazy is if we go shopping together and I buy something like a book, cd, dvd, or any item with a stick on tag that is not on shrink wrap that can be removed - I will not drive out of the parking lot until all of the price stickers / color coded stickers etc are removed (this is especially true at thrift / resale stores)

Consider yourselves warned!

Also for me to write in a book (other than for blackout poetry purposes) causes a visible physical reaction in my body that is not pleasant...I have a much longer story about this but I do not write or highlight in books.

Keep the fire burning Tyler!

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We’ll I can say I share the same 3/4 of your “quirks”, so it’s pretty reassuring that I’m just as weird. I have diagnosed GAD, OCD, and ADHD so I wouldn’t know where to begin! I’ll throw a few weird things out that some ppl in my life just shake their head at….

I only drink water when I need a beverage. Ever since I was a wee one. I drink around 4 liters of water/day. I love it!! Even more specific, my palate can taste and differentiate every single type of water, from purified, to spring, tap, distilled, restaurant water (I never touch the stuff😝). Even MORE weird and specific, I only drink ONE kind of spring water. Otherwise, I have to force it down, lol. People think I’m completely mental and never believe me and I’ve done blind taste tests to prove it to them. Some people are wine connoisseurs, I guess I’m a water connoisseur.

I don’t eat peaches or kiwis, they freak me out. The skin is furry! A furry fruit?! I can’t even look at them without getting the chilly-willies.

I’ll stop at 2 weird quirks, because I could probably write an entire essay….

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I bet everyone has quirks; they might not have had the glory of somebody calling them out on it! One of my quirks is wearing socks without shoes. Walking around indoors, I prefer the barefoot life 24/7. I've learned that I loathe having socks on and stepping in a liquid or teeny specks of dirt or food - cause then the socks immediately need to be torn off the feet and thrown in the washer.

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Weirdnesses, wow I'm definitely one. First of all I'm addicted to books and reading. I cannot get rid of a book without reading it first.

Second, maybe the weirdest thing, is that due to an apparent PTSD/OCD thing, when I am anxious, which happens often, I cannot make a decision. I either do a type of eeny meeny miny mo or flip a coin. My anxiety peaks on me when I"m pressured or rushed.

Driving quirks - oh Sheesh - so as my daughter constantly tells me, "Mom they cannot hear you when you yell at them!" I have the very same frustrations with bikes and pedestrians. My classic move when someone cuts me off in traffic is to throw up my hands and say WTF?!

I've actually learned to tone that what down a little though.

Another quirk is that I have the SIMS game, and I stopped making the SIMS characters have lives a long time ago, as I'm too much of a control freak. I just build the houses, decorate them, make up characters and then later, delete the whole shebang, to start again another time. It's an anti stress move for me right along with shopping online, filling the online cart and deleting it.

Sharp lines block my thought

I felt solo weird for sure

But weird we ALL are

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My deepest routed quirk is one of sequence. Sometimes logical, sometimes emotional if something happens out of sequence I get frustrated. For instance, I paint my nails in the same order every time, big toe to pinky on the right, big toe to pinky on the left, thumb to pinky on the left and finally thumb to pinky on the right. It has to be in this order. To change it creates chaos.

I can tell when someone has used something on my desk at work. Everything has it’s order. If it gets moved, I put it back. The strange part, it only happens at work. Everywhere else is sheer anarchy.

I strongly dislike rhyme. It makes me angry because there are so many beautiful words in the human language. Why do I have to limit it in any way?

Another work one. I have to write in black pen. Anything else just doesn’t feel professional to me. At home, I am a cacophony of color.

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Well here goes:

- I have to smell the milk every single time I use it.

- I park in the same parking lot row every time so I know where I am.

- I drive like I am in a hurry even when I’m not. I have a rule: GO or MOVE! And don’t give me that speed limit shit! Seriously, GO or MOVE!

- Once I’m home, I’m not going back out. All errands need to be done in the same trip or straight after work.

- I have CRS (can’t remember shit)

- People who use both thumbs on a calculator and dead bodies freak me out.

- I Love to write but suck at speaking.

- I hate crowds of any size- they make me feel suffocated.

- I like to be prepared and organized but can never find anything when I need it! 🙄

- I use emojis to add visual emotion 🤓

- My personality is fluid. I will adjust to make you comfortable. But if I don’t like you or you hurt me, I will be an ice cube to you and eventually disappear.

- I am quiet because my mind is so very loud. There is no room for endless useless mindless human chatter.

- I Love poetry, quotes, and clever words.

- Dictionary.com is my favorite app.

- I hate it here 95% of the time. I feel chained to this planet.

- I am easily amused.

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Some of my quirks are semi-OCD; I like things clean and orderly. Like Meredith, dirty or wet socks must be changed except: my boys used to have friends who had the dirtiest (I’m talking black) feet - I made them wear socks when they came into my house. While I am fine with sandy feet now, I still do not like wet cut grass stuck to my feet or mud/wet dirt. I am an obsessive rock collector- like a bag or pail of rocks almost every time I go to the beach- which is almost every day in July and August.

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Even if I know exactly what song I want to listen to, I will shuffle through my entire playlist to find it rather than just selecting it. If I’m at a restaurant and use a straw I have to fold the straw wrapper into a little origami star. I also can’t talk to someone in the car with the radio on, it makes my head feel like it’s going to explode.

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Tyler, there is nothing wrong with a preventative pee before you leave the house.

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I have many little quirks. Don't we all.

For one, I never meet a stranger. I smile a lot. A whole lot.

Idk I think often of ALL the little and big things I'm so very thankful for.

I like things arranged and neat.

For example a desk(s); books stacked and not alllll over the place. I guess that's the future Teacher's Aide in me. I throw kindness around like confetti. I lift up fam members and friends with random as ever (like you can only imagine) kind words 😆 could be about something they just mentioned they despised about this or that. Usually they crack up immediately after my kindness.

I've always been and am trying to find the good.

My socks hardly ever match as a pair. A random one for ya.

I love making people smile. Love it.

Just a few, and a day behind on this post. Tyler: I love your response to this podcast! Each one of 'em.

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I love all of these responses so much!

Here are a few wild and wonderful things about me:

- I can’t say the word “sphinx” and I’m embarrassed as hell about it. Try as I might (often) it comes out sounding like a slurred “shrinks”. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I also poke my tongue quite a ways out when I say “pulp”. I don’t get how people can say that with their tongue in their mouth. My tongue also makes a unique appearance when I’m saying the “th” in my own name.

- I usually have no less than 3 books on the go at once and usually very different genres. I have no trouble remembering

them concurrently as I’m reading them but once I’ve finished I usually forget most of what I read. Even if I read a book several times.

- I love the smell of things that aren’t supposed to be pleasant like fresh asphalt and gasoline. (Don’t worry I don’t sniff these!)

- I don’t like ice cream or Oreo cookies

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Reading these comments and listening to your quirks, Tyler, makes me feels a whole lot less weird and alone. Some of mine are absolutely not being able to walk on any sort of manhole / clangy metal plate on the footpath; little bits of herbs stuck to my fingers when washing / chopping them; I can’t go anywhere without a necklace on or I feel naked and anxious; feeling vomity if I see someone putting earrings in; and I have real trouble saying the word Antarctica. Tyler, we need “Quirk On” merch, please!

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