Meals Of Memory | 2.25.21

I took an Enneagram test recently, the real deal one, cost me $12 that I couldn’t quite believe I was shelling out, but I did it. I got my results back and there was so much truth in it, so much honesty behind the answer that it kind of took me by surprise. The strangest thing for me, whilst taking it, was on almost every single question I honestly, deep down honestly, could have answered both ways. I felt both of those people and felt I’d always been both of those people. When the results came back, they were very different from Sarah’s, who also took it, as she had a stand-out type that was high above the rest. For me, I had a tie with 21 points for 2 different types, and then a tie for 20 points with 2 other types. Essentially, all 4 of them were equally accurate as who I am. What does this mean? I don’t know. For someone who knows better, please ring in and explain, but my numbers, all essentially ties are these: Types 5, 8, 7, 2. Reading through the Type 5, I felt very seen, very much like that person, but in truth, reading through the other 4, I also did. What does this mean? Someone, please chime in :)

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