No Matter What Comes | 1.31.21

If this newsletter is one thing, it is optimistic. It’s this seed of hope and what I can only hope is light that finds you each morning, and if I am lucky, blossoms over the course of your day, your week, or even your month. I hope for this, me from behind this screen, me from this mountain in Montana, me from this keyboard reaching out to you, wherever you are. I know it’s optimistic, I know it’s probably even seen as naive to some who read it, and that is ok, because I truly believe it’s also rooted in a realism that comes from experience, and experience that came from learning lessons from a hell of a lot of failure, a hell of a lot of heartache, and a hell of a lot of waiting. Where I will argue, however, is that it’s only this, only optimistic. I think the true roots of this little signal fire are deeper, just as the words many misinterpret in my poetry, there is depth that if you don't go looking, you might miss. Today’s haiku below, is precisely this. On first reading, it seems as though I’m saying I am lucky to wake and that the simple act of greeting a new day is this rosy hued gem of a thing. Not so.

The final line of today’s haiku is the depth I speak of, is the pool that runs so deep the light won’t reach. “No matter what comes,” for me is the entire point of this newsletter, because I know what comes, I know what has come, I know what will one day come again. In Buddhism, we know that the very first of the Noble Truths is this: Life is suffering. This is not a negative or cynical view, it’s a simple truth. Life is suffering because of the Truths that follow, and we can get into those later, but basically we are attached to things and people in this life and eventually we will lose them. Life will hurt you, it will knock you down then kick you when you’re there. Life will steal what matters most and do so without a hesitation, it will rake you over the coals, it will silence your hope. If, and this is a big if, we can feel lucky to wake despite this, then we’re onto something beautiful. If we can call ourselves lucky not for the avoidance of hardships, but because of them, we can find reservoirs of strength in us that we never knew existed. THIS, is what I truly hope my newsletter is about, this kernel of immense ferocity that lives below the optimism, below the realism that says that one day, if not today, we will be on our knees in pain and sorrow. Find this, (I’ll help you) and we can count ourselves lucky every single day we wake.

Let’s begin.

So lucky to wake

and to greet another day,

no matter what comes.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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