"How can we hold on less tightly to the things we cannot fix?" This line is staying with me this morning because there are so many things happening in this world that seem too big or too complicated for me to impact. There are so many things on my list that if I had the power to snap my fingers to change I'd guarantee my middle finger and thumb would be calloused in a day. However, I think as one person on this one world I need to remember that I just need to do what I can with the resources I have to make change. We shouldn't stay in the disappointment of how grand problems can appear, but focus on what is in front of us that we can peel away at the bigger picture, whatever that might be that is important to you. Find out where your passion lies and do something about it!

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Letting go is so easy to say and so hard to do...

I once learned that I was holding on to something that wasn’t even in my grasp...

I held and held and held and cried and fought to “keep” it....but “the bird had already flown” and I was just digging my nails into my own palm and bleeding out because I thought I had control when I really didn’t...

Wish I could say I learned my lesson that time...

Still a control freak...still hard to let go...

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In my coaching of teams, managers, and executives, I come back to one thing continuously, "progress over perfection". Stated anotehr way, "don't let perfection be the enemy of good". Just take the steps toward the progress you want. As you move forward, you will find value in your goal (product, project, dirve, team improvement, self) if you just take the steps forward.

It's even okay if you mistake or drop something! It's a small increment of a larger idea (life!) and can be easily improved on.

Take the step.

Do the thing.

See the improvement.

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And here’s the spot I keep landing on- over and over...

The line between Accept what is without trying to control it / and

What you allow is what will continue.

The more I try to just let it all go, the more it pulls back and builds momentum for some final straw moment that triggers a tsunami.

It never really goes because I know it will continue.

Oh how I long for some wise Master of the Universe to run to for guidance every time I get all tangled up in this dang line...(Deep long self-pitting sigh).

I see you, I totally get what you’re saying, but I just cannot seem to get this one right. 🤔

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