Paddling Upstream | 4.2.21

Ever feel like you’re paddling upstream? Like you’re busting your ass and giving it your absolute all and when you stop, exhausted and worn out and blisters on your hands, you’re no further up that surging river? This happens, from time to time, and I think a unifying truth over the last year and change, is that it’s happening much more often, to many more of us. We’re giving all we’ve got inside us, and somehow, the scenery just ain’t changing. This year has been an exercise in futility, in fighting just to stay roughly where we already were before the massive debacle of 2020+ began. I’m here to say, be gentle on yourselves, be patient, be understanding, and be courteous to your own hearts. The fact that you’re still here, right now, reading these words, means you have already won. You survived something that was unprecedented, unparalleled, and massively disrupting. Kudos. Pat yourselves on the back, then get back to paddling, for the river keeps coming and soon enough, we’ll get to where we’re going.

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