I also love movies. One that I still think about many years after I first saw it is "The Black Stallion" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Stallion_(film)). The music and the cinematography take my breath away. I also love "Field of Dreams" for so many reasons...it's become a touchstone. Thanks for sharing your words with us. <3

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My one movie would be Good Will Hunting, though I have struggled to watch it since Robin Williams died by suicide. But that movie came to me in one of my darkest moments and has since been a reminder that sometimes things happen to us that are not our faults, but also that we have to take the wheel and create a life we love. Both lessons I am still working on learning almost 24 years since its release.

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How can we not love movies? If we're devoted to stories and how they can shape us, we have to include movies! For me, it's Groundhog Day...which also happens to be my birthday. So nearly every year since that movie was released, I've rewatched it as part of my birthday ritual. First, I think Bill Murray is a national treasure and second, the film speaks, with wonderful humor, to this evolutionary project we call being human. If you haven't seen the film, please give it a watch, because I think it may be even more relevant now than when it was first released. 💗

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The one movie that shaped my life the most is hands down The Lion King. I don’t know if I’d have been able to make it through/accept my dads death if it weren’t for that movie. It almost feels like foreshadowing, even. It’s probably also the movie I could watch for the rest of my life for the music alone.

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Mary Poppins (the original) and the Sound of Music (the original) - yes I'm dating myself. Those two, seen when I was a small child, showed me the magic of what life could be - musical and fun.

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Forrest Gump

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I haven't seen many movies in recent (even the last 15!) years. Growing up, though, movies were a staple of weekend and summer entertainment. I have a hard time choosing an absolute favorite, but if forced, I'd say "Ghost". My brother was killed by a drunk driver when he was 19, I was 13 at the time. A few years later when that movie came out, it both terrified and comforted me, because I had felt his presence in my life from time to time as I worked through my grief and found my way through those challenging teen years. Others that hold a fondness include "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (uber cheesy, I know), "Dirty Dancing", "Dead Poets' Society", and "Stand By Me". "Lion King" was the first movie I took my son to when he was 5, and I'll never forget that moment when his face lit up as the characters came to life on the big screen.

Thank you for the trip down memory lane. It's a reminder of how we came to be who we are today.

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pfoeh what movie didn't. I love the story's, the visuals, the soundtracks, the deeper messages and sometimes just the shallowness. Awesome topic Tyler and it is one of those things i want to forward to my childeren. Some movies and series are just part of your education i think. There are some great life lessons in them.

Some of the movies that pop up in my mind are.

Dangerous minds

Good will Hunting

City of angels

Gaurdians of the galaxy


What's eating Gilbert Grape


The rock

A star is born


Could go on forever. And i am sucker for everything superhero related. Just love the old fairytale storytelling where there is good and there is evil. Ooh and one of the first movies that gave me serious nightmares when i was a child, is 'The thing'. I was just too young to watch that one. And ofcourse the lotr and star wars saga. Who didn't grow up watching those.

Off topic, i really recommend watching 'tales from the loop'. it is just wonderfully filmed and it has a amazing soundtrack. it grabs your attention and it doesn't let go.

Sorry for the late post, had some catching up to do.

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