Some Thundering Life | 11.13.20

Vulnerability time, deep breath. As you know, I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and while high functioning, I cannot lie and say life is always easy. Sensory things can overwhelm me to the point of silence and breathlessness, sometimes it’s sound, sometimes it’s crowds, sometimes it’s just making it through a day. From time to time, I feel hopeless, I feel lost in my own mind, I feel buried in thought and while I can always see the light hovering above, it can feel unreachable. It’s times like this that support is needed, that we cannot be too proud or too stubborn or too afraid or too anything, to ask for help, and to accept it when it comes. I am lucky, in that I have someone in my life that understands this, that knows when I am far away, and that knows to offer shelter from the thundering of my own brain, my own life. If you have this person, seek them out when you are low, if you do not, seek out anyone who will listen, and there is Always someone who will listen. At the very least, if you’re lower than you think you can handle, call 1-800-273-8255 and there will be someone there, ready to help. It’s a thundering life, we all need a shelter.

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