That You Are Alone | 1.30.21

There are gifts we can give to those in our lives, offerings that take a wide variety of shapes, all have their own weight but some are heavier, some matter more. One, that I believe comes with more heft and gravity than any other, is the promise that no matter what comes, those we love will never have to be alone again. I think we live in perpetual fear of this, of loneliness, of the emptiness that comes when we feel unheard, unseen, left solitary and searching. I think this fear influences so many different decisions we make, forcing us into settling for jobs we loathe, relationships that do not fulfill us, situations we think are the best we’re going to get. It’s after this the suffering comes, it’s after we resolve that it’s better than being alone, that we understand that loneliness and being alone are separate beasts that share a similar growl.

What I am saying is simple: If we offer those that waltz into our lives the promise that no matter what comes, they will not be left alone, it frees them. It unlocks the handcuffs and it puts them into a position to make the decisions that will soothe rather than strain, heal rather than hinder. This gift we give is ours, and it’s ours to offer to whomever we wish, the only work comes in fulfilling the promise.

I have started looking at those in my life through a more magnified lens and I have been focusing in on those that I feel fear being alone the most, it’s these I remind the most often, it’s these that I try to make sure understand the weight of my promise. What happens next is up to them, but I can start here.

You'll never be it,

nor ever have to utter

that you are alone.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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